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Newborn Pooping/Peeing

When should my baby pee/poop for the first time?

More than 95% of babies pee and poop for the first time in the first 24 hours of life.

What is meconium? When can we expect it to change to “normal” newborn poop?

Meconium is the first newborn stool and it looks like a sticky black tar. Over the first couple of days, you can anticipate that it will transition first to a greenish brown transitional stool and then to a yellow, seedy, mustardy color, the stool of a breastfed baby.

How often do newborns normally make urine in a day?

Once your milk comes in, the baby should be making between six to eight wet diapers per day. (For the first couple of days of life, babies typically produce much less than 6, but should still be voiding at least once per 24 hour period). Once the milk has been established, it would be concerning if the baby were not able to produce at least 2 wet diapers in a 24 hour period. If this were to happen, it would be a reason to call our o ce.

How often do newborns normally poop in a day?

The number of times a baby poops in a day is extremely variable. Seven times a day and once every seven days can both be normal, as long as the stool is soft and has no blood in it.

My baby has had a few diapers of pink urine. Is this dangerous?

These are called urate crystals, and are a normal finding in newborn urine in the first couple of days of life. If they were to persist beyond the first couple of weeks of life, the baby’s urine may need to be tested for an underlying problem.