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Head Injuries

Head injuries are common among young children. Fortunately, serious consequences are rare, especially if there has NOT been a loss of consciousness after the injury.

The best way to avoid a head injury is to prevent it. Car seats or booster seats from birth through six years OR 60 pounds are not only the law, they are a good idea! Always buckle up your child.

Once your child becomes mobile, safety proofing your home is important. Be wary of sharp edges, tabletops and fireplaces.

Children like to climb on furniture, so be sure that wall units and bookcases are fixed to the wall.

Finally, children should wear a protective head gear while doing any activity that could result in head injury. Bicycle riding, skiing and skateboarding are three good examples.

IF YOUR CHILD DOES SUSTAIN A SIGNIFICANT HEAD INJURY, we recommend that you call us immediately. Having your child evaluated by a physician is also critical.

IN THE FIRST 24 HOURS AFTER INJURY, your child should be monitored for the following symptoms:

‐ Increased fatigue
‐ Vomiting and nausea ‐ Headache complaints

‐ Double or blurred vision ‐ Unsteady gait
‐ Personality changes
‐ Confusion

‐ Excess irritability

**If your child displays any of the above symptoms, please call us for an evaluation.