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Is circumcision medically indicated?

There was a time when circumcision was thought to protect against urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted disease. The most recent literature suggests that within a first world country like the United States, there is no significant protection against either, and therefore no medical indication for the procedure. This being said, circumcision is an important cultural and religious event for many families and we absolutely support our parents that choose this option for their child.

Who performs the circumcision?

The circumcision can either be performed by your obstetrician or by your pediatrician. In our o ce, Dr. Hamilton frequently performs circumcisions, both in our o ce and in the hospital.

How do we care for the circumcision in the days after the procedure?

Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline. The important part of post-circumcision care is not allowing the newly exposed glans of the penis to rub up against the rough diaper without some protection. We recommend putting Vaseline on the circumcision site for every diaper change for 5 days.

We want our baby do have a bris. Is there anything special we should know?

Many of our patients have had beautiful circumcisions performed by their moyle at their celebratory bris ceremony. We would simply recommend that you set up an appointment with our o ce in the week following the bris for us to examine the surgical site.