Congratulations on your new baby! There are many items to check off your lists these days, but we want to make sure these important items do not get forgotten!

  • Confirm that we are in-network with your insurance. We accept Anthem BlueCross PPO (see below for specifics)*, Aetna PPO, BlueShield PPO, Cigna PPO, HealthNet PPO and UnitedHealth Care PPO. Use our tax ID # to confirm: 95-4598042 or email us a photo of your insurance, and we’ll run an eligibility check.
  • At time of delivery, please inform the hospital of your preferred physician. Our office will receive a call when your baby is born, and one of our physicians will visit you within 24 hours of your child’s birth. (Please note that our doctors only see newborns at hospitals where they have privileges: Providence St. Johns SM, UCLA SM or Cedar Sinai. If you deliver at another hospital, you'll be seen by an in-house pediatrician and will be instructed to book an appointment with our office 2-3 days after hospital discharge.) No prior registration is necessary! All new patient paperwork can be completed at first office visit.
  • Please add your new baby to your insurance policy. If this is not completed within 30 days from baby’s birth, your insurance will not be eligible and will not retroactively pay for office visits. Insurance ineligibility is a bummer! If you are working through a HR contact, be sure to follow-up and confirm that your baby is added to the policy.
  • At your first visit (typically within 2-3 days after hospital discharge), please be prepared to schedule your 2, 4, 6 and 8 week visits to reserve preferential dates, times and physician.
  • Don’t forget to get Tdap and flu vaccines for your baby’s caretakers and close family.
  • Program (310)-264-2100, (310)-264-2101, (310)-264-2102, (310)-264-2103, (310)-264-2104, (310)-264-2105 and into your phone so you know it’s us when we call or email. Please note that after-hours and weekend calls from doctors will at times come from blocked numbers.

*We only accept the following from Anthem BlueCross: Employer provided - Advantage, BlueCard, BlueCross/ BlueShield, Google EPOs, and Prudent Buyer plans. We are not contracted with Anthem BlueCross Select PPO, Pathway PPO or Tiered PPO plans.


  1. Reference our Immunization Schedule to know when baby’s next appointment should be scheduled. Please schedule appointments based on child(ren)’s birth date (except for first 5 visits. These are based on weeks)

  2. If your baby is 0-3 months, give us a call for any fever with a rectal temperature 100.4 ̇.

  3. Mild reactions to vaccines are normal - low fever (under 102 ̇), irritability, swelling and redness, however,

    please give us a call if you feel the reaction is out of range of normal. Reference your handy vaccine pamphlet

    for more info!

  4. We strongly recommend that you utilize your yellow immunization card. It is a legal document and should be

    kept up-to-date.

  5. Bring insurance card to every visit.

  6. At times the parking lot can be full. There is parking available next door at bank parking lot or metered

    parking on Broadway Avenue. Please give us a call if you’re running behind.

  7. Keep us up-to-date on all demographic changes, ie, cell numbers, addresses, insurance changes.

  8. We are here for you 24/7! 310-264-2100. If you call our number in the evening, at lunch or over the weekend, press 0 to leave a general message or for an urgent matter press 4 to contact the doctor directly.